Hot Springs and reading glasses. If you want to read about TRAIN TOUR 2010, just keep scrolling down. The blog entries go on and on, it just depends on now much time you want to kill. I’ve tried to keep this website as maze-like as possible. 2011 is meant to be spent in Hot Springs, […]

Thanksgiving in Hot Springs

This year for Thanksgiving we didn’t go anywhere, other than exactly where we were. We moved around our house, but that was about it. There was a turkey, some friends, lots of food, and some sitting around, some movie watching, some thankfulness, some thanking, and a whole lot of thankless house cleaning. The month of […]

Oktober-Back in Hot Springs—

This Oktober finds us back in Hot Springs, with the kids in school, and us running around like chickens with our heads cut off playing a bunch of random gigs. You can find us, but you might have to do some driving! I just updated the schedule page, and with that, you can figure out […]


We took the Hiawatha line from Milwaukee to Chicago on Monday afternoon. This is a commuter train that runs several times a day. Taking the train into Chicago is always a grand experience, in that there are so many trains making their way into Union Station, and it is such an industrial city. Zephyr has […]

Milwaukee, WI-Cheryl

Arrival time Milwaukee: 4 something. Through the miracles of modern technology, you no longer have to announce to the train what you need to tell your ride at the other end. You can just silently text these small details, instead of yelling into your crappy cellphone. We got to Milwaukee a little late, but that […]


Minneapolis! Our gateway to the midwest stop. Our generously booked stop. One of our favorite cities. The train was right on time and Eric was there to pick us up, promptly at 7:20 A.M. Now that is a good friend. We were all a little delirious after another strange night on the train, but happy […]

Minot, ND-Cheryl

Mysterious Minot. We had no contacts, no leads, no phone numbers, no relatives in Minot, and when we arrived at the train station at 9:22 PM, I began to wonder why we thought a night in Minot was such a neat idea. I was going to research our inevitable hotel room, but somehow procrastinated, thinking […]

East Glacier, Montana-Cheryl

When we got to the station, it was cold and overcast, and we stood there dumbfounded for a minute or two, and then I saw Theresa. Theresa is the aunt of one of my great friends, Sari. Years ago, Sari and I headed out to the peninsula of Washington state, where Theresa and Mike were […]


We show up to a less than perfect half-way restored station, complete with drop ceilings with panels missing, in a dirty part of the city. Hayley is there, smoking a cigarette, and we all pile in her ‘new’ 1975 Dodge Dart Swinger, recently spray painted in primer black. You just realize that when you dub […]

Portland, Oregon-Cheryl

Portland was the first time we were really late on the Amtrak. We were just almost to the Portland Amtrak Station, and the train stopped. Somehow they couldn’t get clearance to cross the last bridge that we needed to cross, so there we sat.  This is of course after I had called Flora, our Portland […]